The Talent Sinistral

438 pages
ISBN: 978-0966870145

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Meet The Author

lf patten

     L. F. Patten often characterizes her multitude of interests as A.D.D of the Right Brain. Degreed in Medieval History and Archaeology, her checkered career has included teaching high school History, guiding tours at the Smithsonian, work at a planetarium, a rock shop and an off-(off-off-off-)-Broadway theater. A certified herbalist, Patten has also studied art, fencing, voice, drawing and painting. She currently teaches pottery and metal-clay jewelry in Lakewood, CO. L.F. Patten's writing career began with the publication of her first short story in a college anthology, and she has spent the last thirty-odd years writing articles and short stories (mostly fantasy) and editing archaeology books for Stone Dagger Publications, which she co-founded with her husband. Through it all, she has maintained a strong fascination with the left-hand/right-brain connection. Her novel, The Talent Sinistral, is a heroic fantasy action/adventure written in loving tribute to fellow right-brainers everywhere.