The Talent Sinistral

438 pages
ISBN: 978-0966870145

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The Talent Sinistral


     SINISTRAE, they are called...

     ...branded outcasts possessing the extra-sensory mind skills of the spell-handed. Once their crystal-enhanced powers triggered the cataclysm that destroyed the mighty Nwtyrran civilization--- or so the legends tell.

     Now fiery portents hearken the re-emergence of the true power responsible for Nwtyrra's doom. Two unlikely allies must set the world aright: Kier, a war-weary veteran harboring a self-crippling secret, and JonMarc, a streetwise slave and sometime thief whose left hand bears the sinistral serpent brand. Impelled by the mysterious Fithlon Brotherhood and the enigmatic prophesies of Nwtyrra's long-dead king, they must retrieve the last remnant of Nwtyrra's power before it can wreak further destruction.

     But others seek the deadly prize. Kier and JonMarc must brave treachery, betrayal, and their own deepest terrors to vindicate their despised brethren and save their world from a madman's revenge...



"To say I enjoyed this book would be an understatement. It is a compelling and powerful tale that will delight fantasy fans everywhere."
               --David Gemmell (2003)

"The Talent Sinistral is a fun read. Patten's questionable and protesting heroes are lamentably human, each with a crucial set of flaws, and Patten excels at turning those flaws into virtues -- in fact, into the solution to the puzzle."
               --Christopher Stasheff

"L.F. Patten has created a bright, wide and boisterous world filled with adventure and character. A solid read!"
               --Patrick LoBrutto

"L.F. Patten takes readers on a rousing adventure with two delightful heroes in this thoroughly enjoyable debut. A vivid and colorful ride."
               --Carol Berg, author of The Collegia Magica Series

"Masterful storytelling. The Talent Sinistral is a splendid fantasy, brimming with adventure and wit, yet informed by moving portrayals of serious themes. Patten's world is evocative and completely real, tinged with Celtic elements and subtle magic. The Talent Sinistral gives readers that rare experience: a book that satisfies but leaves you wanting more. Patten is a writer to note."
               --Mackay Wood, author of Wolf's Cub and Gryphon King

"L.F. Patten's The Talent Sinistral delights with a tale of prickly friendship between two outcast heroes in a fascinating tapestry of a fantasy world. While they resist becoming pawns in an ancient prophecy, Kier and JonMarc become realistic and entertaining heroes in Patten's fast-moving story. You don't have to be left-handed to appreciate the magic here. I can't wait to see the sequel!"
               --Catherine Cooke Montrose, author of The Wendigo Border

"L.F. Patten weaves a web of adventure and intrigue that beguiles and delights, while always keeping the reader guessing. Richly panoramic when describing its war-torn setting, yet always believable in its depiction of its large cast of interesting characters, The Talent Sinistral breathes new life into a tired genre."
               -–M.S. Harris, for Renaissance Magazine


"The Talent Sinistral is the first book in a long time that I could not lay aside easily, and read in one week's time! Thank you to L.F. Patton for creating such a riveting cast of characters and the invitation to read their adventures. I look forward to reading future books in this series!"
               -–Renee Jorgensen, Red Feather Studio, Colorado (August 2016)

"I really loved reading The Talent Sinistral (and I'm not even a lefty!)! L.F. Patten creates characters and situations I really cared about. Can't wait to share this book!"
               -–Jason Johns, Fredricksburg, VA (Feb. 2016)




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